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Proposed Rules

There are two 45 day notice periods required in rulemaking.


The first notice period commences upon publication in the Illinois Register. The first notice is at a minimum of 45 days. The first notice period (public comment period) is reserved for comments from the public.


Written comments should be submitted, until the end of the first Notice Period, to:
     Illinois Racing Board, Bob Denneen, Suite 1700S,
     555 W. Monroe, Chicago, Illinois 60661 or .


The second notice period begins when the agency files with Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR). JCAR then reviews the rules for statutory authority, propriety, standard for the exercise of discretion, economic effects, clarity, procedural requirements, technical aspects, etc.


If the agency does not choose to modify a rulemaking or if policy differences cannot be resolved during the review process, JCAR can take on one of several actions (Recommendation, Objection, filing Prohibition/Suspension).


Illinois Register is the official State publication through which the public is informed of rulemaking activity. The Illinois Register is prepared by JCAR and published by the Secretary of State every Friday, and can be accessed through the General Assembly website or the Secretary of State’s website.